“The great challenge is to be able to overcome yourself” and to be the best player in a single game elimination tournament. Win lots of prizes and fame, become the best player among the Clash Royale community.

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GamesHive Clash Royale Tournaments

Tournament System

Knockout Tournament, Single Game Elimination (except for Finals, the champion will be decided on a best of 3 games)

Tournament Size

Round of 32, 64, 128 or 256 players (Brackets system)

Game Type

All games must be friendly matches and for that reason the game system will be tournament level cards. (King Tower lvl 9, Common Cards lvl 9, Rare Cards lvl 7, Epic Cards lvl 4 and legendary Cards lvl 1, overtime 3min). This will ensure that the matches are fair to everyone.

Deck Restrictions

None, a player may use any cards in game and can change any number of cards during the tournament, however in the finals is not permitted to change cards between the final matches, a lost game will be assign in this case, so ponder really well the deck you want to take to the finals.

Elimination System

Each Player is randomly assigned to an opponent at each round, the loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the Tournament or first prize in the event, however eliminated players may reenter the tournament in case of DQ(1) of other participants. In case of a draw after overtime, the winner is the player with less tower damage (the sum of the towers still standing), in the event of having the same tower damage total there will be a rematch. (1) A player may be DQ if he/she violates any of our Intern Rules (see tournament rules)


hen the tournament starts, each player is assigned to an opponent(not revealed right away), a bracket number, and a specific clan to produce the challenge on a friendly battle, both players need to enter the corresponding Clan to battle. For example, you were placed on bracket 16, and you need to enter the clan "GamersHive#1" you have 5 minutes to enter the clan, and when both players are ready, an admin will reveal the name of the two players that will fight with each other, you or your opponent must ask for a friendly battle and the other must accept right away. The winner passes to the next fase, and so on, until the finals.

Winner by Best of 3

the final winner is decided by the best of three, so winning 2 games will give you the tournament victory, the same deck must be used in this last 3 matches.

Tournament Duration

It depends on the number of players/rounds but a 256 players tournament will last from the first game to determine the winner between 1 and 1 and a half hour. this depends if there are many games with overtime. So if you enter a tournament this big, be sure to have this time if you want to win it.

Tournament Prizes

It may vary from one tournament to another, there are tournaments that have real prizes, like money or merch, and others that may give virtual goods such as gems, tickets for other tournaments etc. but all the prizes are set before the tournament starts, so before you buy the ticket for a single tournament you already know what can you win.
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