Rocket League

I was a bit interested in Rocket League when it came out, but since nobody in Grindstone had the game, I decided to not buy the game then.  After members of Grindstone started playing the game, I decided to pick it up and I had a lot of fun just playing random matches online, not counting the stuff we did as a group that was absolutely insane.  While I barely touched the bots outside of getting a few achievements when I played solo, I will agree that it is more fun to play with other people, whether it is just a random online group or with friends.
While I do enjoy the game, I got burnt out on it fast, it is a game you want to play in short bursts.  It takes about a minute to load up the game and start a match, so if you got 30 minutes to an hour to kill, it is great to just play a few matches.  The problem with the matchmaking, however, it it seems like the community quits matches at a drop of a hat, and you might enter a match down 3-0 through no fault of your own.  Though probably the most fun in randoms I had in this game was where I joined the match down 3-0 with 3 minutes left, and we won 5-4.  This game does have some fun moments when you just play with randoms, though like with any community, you have jerks and nice people throughout, though I would guess there are more jerks in ranked matches, because wins and losses matter more, though I did not bother with it, because I am not into that style of gameplay.
My other complaint about the game is I swear the cars are made of rubber, where someone taps you and you get flung half a field away.  I find that I have more fun just playing the standard game with randoms rather than the mutators, just because you can get a rule-set that is not fun sometimes.  I think this is a game I will be playing off and on and I think I got my money’s worth from it, though I would definitely say buy the game if it goes on sale.  It is great if you got some time to kill and just want a simple and fun game, though I know I am not that good at the game.
Recommended?: YES

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